Welcome to the International Music School “Ongakunoie Musiqi Evi” (means “House of Music”). This “House of Music” was opened by an Azerbaijani pianist Gulnara Safarova. She is a laureate of international competition, a 10-year Conservatory Professor with a PhD in pedagogy and music education, who is now living and working in Japan.  http://www.gnsafarova-piano.com/

The professors of “Ongakunoie Musiqi Evi” are foreign musicians who live and work in Japan. We use the Russian method of music education, providing musical instrument lessons and vocal training, youngster and adult choirs, classes for studying solfeggio and chamber music, plus special courses for earning eligibility to enroll in the Music University of  Europe. The Ongakunoie Musiqi Evi School also offers courses for those who love (or are simply curious about!) the traditional music of Caucasus and Turkey. Our classes are held in the Japanese, Russian, English, French, and Azeri languages. 

For children and adults, music lovers and those who desire music education at a high professional level — our doors are open to each of you!


Lesson price

Children course

1 lesson \ ¥ 3500~


Instrument course (piano, string, wind)

1 lesson \ ¥ 6500~9000


Vocal course

1 lesson \ ¥8000~9000



1 lesson \ ¥3500~4500



1  lesson \ ¥ 4000~6000


Chamber Music

1 lesson \ ¥6000


Traditional caucasian music and dance

 1 lesson \ ¥7500~8000 (group lessons: 1 lesson \ ¥3500~4500)



Yokohama, Music Salon “ARIA”

Center Minami St., to the left of Exit 1

(See website for route details)*

 Accesses: http://www.aria-soundlife.co.jp/access/

*Lessons may also take place in other areas of Yokohama and Tokyo.

Mail: ongakunoie.school@gmail.com
Tel: 080-5191-1971 (Musiqi Evi Ongakuno-ie /House of Music)
Tel.: 045-507-9173 (Salon Aria)